Product History

Here are a few milestones in the history of Cambo:

1946:  Cambo BV founded in Hengelo, the Netherlands by mr. R. Bok

1956:  Introduction of the AST series studio stands with chrome columns

1958:  Introduction of the SuperCambo view camera series with square 1" monorail

1963:  Introduction of the STG studio stand

1965:  Cambo moves to Kampen, the Netherlands in a newbuild factory

1967:  Cambo patents a worldwide patent for the four-lens passportrait camera

1967:  Cambo presents the DPS heavy duty tripod

1968:  Introduction of the BST passportrait studio stand

1969:  Introduction of the Cambo Wide

1970:  Introduction of the MST studio stand

1972:  Introduction of the TWR-54 Twin Reflex 4x5" camera

1973:  Introduction of the UST series black column

1975:  Introduction of the EST studio stand

1976:  Introduction of the Cambo Wide 470 and 650

1979:  Introduction of the SC-5 8x10" portrait camera for Polaroid 8x10 film

1980:  New Management Team founding Cambo Fotografische Industrie BV

1982:  Introduction of the SCX view camera series

1983:  Production of PP-60 identification camera with Kodak instant film

1984:  Introduction of the four lens passportrait camera for Kodak instant film

1984:  Introduction of the SCS studio stand

1985:  Introduction of the Cambo Maxiportrait for Polaroid 4x5 film

1985:  Introduction of the ECS studio stand

1986:  Cambo celebrates 40th Anniversary with gold plated SC 4x5 camera

1987:  Introduction of the Legend Series view cameras

1988:  Introduction of the Master Series view cameras

1988:  Introduction of the Master Plus Series view cameras

1990:  Cambo moves to the current location, a modern facility in Kampen

1990:  Cambo introduces the UBS Studio stand 

1992:  Cambo introduces the MBS Studio stand

1992:  Cambo shows the first Leaf Digital Back on the Master Camera

1993:  Cambo starts delivery of the Monostand

1994:  Cambo presents the Cambo Megavision 3-shot digital camera back

1994:  Introduction of the SF view camera series

1996:  Cambo presents a fully motorised controlled view camera for digital photography

1998:  Introduction of the Ultima view camera series

2000:  Introduction of the Cambo Wide DS series

2002:  Introduction of the Cambo Video Boom series V40, V-15, V-5

2003:  Introduction of the Cambo Ultima 35 for use with DSLR cameras

2004:  Introduction of the Digital version Wide DS

2005:  Introduction of the UniTrack for Videography

2006:  Introduction of the X2-Pro view camera for DSLR cameras

2008:  Introduction of the WideRS camera series

2010:  Cambo starts delivery of HDSLR and DV shoulder rigs

2011:  Cambo celebrates 65th anniversary with WideRS Special Edition 

2012:  Cambo introduces new Follow Focus CS-MFC-2 for the HDSLR rigs

2012:  Cambo presents updated Wide RS Family with WRS and WRCompact

Some nostalgic view cameras from the 50's and 60"s featured underneath: