February 2015
Cambo ACTUS-DB view camera Introduction

September 2014
Dedicated Rig for Panasonic GH4

July 2014
Cambo ACTUS mini view camera Introduction

  Cambo ACTUS mini view camera Introduction

Dedicated Rig for Panasonic GH4

Support for the Sony Alpha 7/ 7R

Specialist Architectural CamerasDigital applicationsREPRO Solutions, an extensive range of Studio standsShooting tables and other Studio accessories - 
or an exciting full range of compact, portable DSLR/Video supports for today's videographer - whatever your specialist need, Cambo offers a high quality product produced with care and attention based upon over 65 years of accumulated expertise and experience. Check out our latest Cambo  Actus Mini View Camera System.

We invite you to look at our new products, including the DSLR support rigs, our latest Reproduction Solutions and new Lenses for the updated WideRS camera system with optional Tilt / Swing. 
A wide range of lens choices feature Rodenstock's and Schneider's finest optics for each dedicated purpose with optional integrated T/S options.

Cambo offers solutions for Nikon's D4 and D800 to be used in combination with the X2-Pro, as well as on Cambo's innovative DSLR Video Rigs. Support for the Sony Alpha 7/7R has been added for use with the ACTUS, Ultima 35 and X2-Pro.

From March 28th through March 30th, 2015, Cambo's range of Photographic products will be shown in Nijkerk, The Netherlands at the Professinal Imaging. Cambo products will be presented at various stands. You can check out the NEW range of the Cambo ACTUS at the stand of Eyes On Media.

Cambo will be at Professional Imaging in Nijkerk  

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Cambo is also a OEM partner for various industries, ranging from aerospace and satellite to archival, video and broadcast -read more...