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Jan. 28, 2008

NIKON D3 integration

Cambo has released dedicated mounts for the NIKON D3 camera to be integrated into the Cambo X2 Pro and Cambo Ultima 35 systems.
Nikon D3 features a 24x36 full frame chip and can be mounted directly onto the new mount that Cambo has designed. The combination allows the photographer to take advantage of all view camera movements with use of the Nikon D3 as image capturing device. 

For use on the Cambo X2-Pro system: X-823 is the Mounting block.

For use on the Ultima 35 system: ULN3-35 is complete set, containing a ULBN Bellows with Nikon bayonet and a UL-533 mounting block. The  UL-733 is the L-Bracket for portrait use.