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Sept 28, 2008

Wide RS introduced with new Lenses

Cambo is pleased to announce the new Cambo Wide RS Series.

The Wide RS is the choice for architectural, interior and landscape photographers, looking for a compact and lightweight camerabody with all the necessary tools on board for perspective correction, offering a broad range of lenses which are quickly interchangeable within seconds, suitable for hand-held as well as precise tripod positioning, geared movements, and yet at an affordable price.

Now also including Rodenstock's new HR Digaron-S and HR Digaron-W lenses, next to the outstanding Schneider Digitar range of lenses.

Of course the Wide RS is compatible with the Cambo Wide family of cameras such as the Wide DS and Wide Compact, so users can easily migrate from one system to the other or have multiple bodies sharing the same lensplates and viewing options.

The Cambo Wide RS is designed for use with Hi-End digital backs from Hasselblad, Leaf, PhaseOne and Sinar and is available with interchangeable interface plates for all current available mounts.

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Available since July 2008.