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Wide DS Series (sold out)
This portable, multiformat camera system is the product of Cambo's 60 years of camera design. Constructed of high quality aluminium alloy the Cambo Wide DS is extremely compact, portable and easy to operate.  The camera accepts a variety of wide angle lenses and now provides "double shift" movements - rise-and-fall and lateral shifts - which are perfect for anyone shooting exteriors and interiors, cityscapes and landscapes. All movements are calibrated for precise repeatability and referencing. 

The Wide DS has a handsome wooden handgrip with rounded corners for a secure and safe grip, and a built in cable release. A new rotating back makes it easy to switch formats from horizontal to vertical (except for the 38mm which has a landscape ground glass back). For additional shooting convenience an optical viewfinder (optional) has been designed with a 120 deg viewing angle to ensure usage with all available lenses and film formats. The camera will also accept a range of viewing hoods, centre filters, Polaroid backs, as well as sheet and roll film holders. 

Ultima 45 Series
Cambo's top of the line view camera 
SC Series
Cambo's classical 4x5" view camera
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Discontinued Products
Refence to items that are either discontinued by Cambo or the original manufacturer.