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WDS Lenspanels with Schneider Electronic Shutter
All WDS Lenspanels for WideRS, WideDS and WideCompact can be delivered with Schneider Electronic Shutter system on request.

Schneider Electronic Shutters can be controlled by either a handheld control unit, or remote from a computer/laptop using USB controlled device.

Shutter speeds are limited to 1/60 second fastest.
Each shutter is dedicated integrated with its specific lens. 

Also all other Schneider Lenses with #0 shutter mount (and even such Rodenstock lenses) can be delivered with this Schneider Electronic Shutter

Details Shutter Control Unit here:
Details USB Control Unit here:

Please note that Schneider has dicontinued the Hand Control Unit with internal batteries.
There are alternatives available, please ask if needed.