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WDS Camera dedicated to Reproduction Setup
The WDS REPRO is a camera system based on Cambo's WDS Camera system, but modified for best results with Archival and Reproduction Photography.

It features a fixed body with integrated front and a rear shift movements, both sides are without any swing and tilt options, to offer maximum precision in parallel position of both.

Lenspanels can be designed for a precise Ratio or Magnification with a desired Lens (Rodenstock or Schneider) in combination with focussing over a helical focussing mount.
Lenses will be fitted with a Copal or Schneider Electronic Shutter system on request. The Schneider Electronic Shutter system can be controlled via a USB control box to allow for instant shooting when closing a mechanical or manual operated switch.
The WDS system offers several macro-adapters which make it possible to adapt for several magnification ratio's in one system.
Of course, lenspanels are interchangeable.

For the use with CCD digital backs Cambo advises the use of the digital interface with one of the SLW-series adapters

For the use with 4x5 Scanning Backs (Anagram, BetterLight, PhaseOne) Cambo advises the use of the WDS-504 ground glass back.


Rearside interface for Hass-V, Hass-H, Mamiya 645 or Contax

Frontside interface for WDS Lenspanel system
  - Advised optics: Macro and Digital - Schneider or Rodenstock

Height from Tripod Mount to Optical Center: approx. 130 mm

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