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DV/DC Shoulder Mount
The Styx-rig is designed as a compact DV rig. The handle offset and angle are adjustable as for the distance between the shoulder pad and DV.

Due to the modular character of the Cambo rig system, the user is fully in charge of customizing the rig to his or her personal preferences.

The Styx-rig can be used with any follow-focus and/or matte box, this rig configuration centers the weight of the rig on the handle axis.

The distance between the optical centre of the lens and the iris rods is adjustable, making this rig applicable to different types of cameras.

STYX Assembly consist of:

CS-M1       1x        Compact camera/tripod mount
CS-H1        2x        Grip handle, compact
CS-152      1x        Dual rod clamp
CS-153      1x        Triple rod clamp
CS-P1        1x        Adjustable ergonomic shoulder pad
CS-1522    1x        Iris rods 250mm
CS-1546    2x        Iris rods 460mm  

Other shown parts are NOT included in the STYX Kit

See a 3D product on this video link

Download STYX manual

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