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Professional DSLR Cinema Rig
The offset of the DSLR is fully adjustable in the x, y and z axis. This provides an optimal viewing position, whether you use a loupe or a direct view on the DSLR monitor. The Chronos features the quick reassembly of the rig due to the CS-151 memory clamps.

The Chronos-rig features the telescopic CS-H2 handle grips, giving the user full control over the positioning of the grips.

The CS-154 bracket system enables the use of the bottom, side and top rods for extra mounting/configuration possibilities.

CHRONOS Assembly consist of:

CS-M1            1x          Compact camera/tripod mount
CS-H2            2x          Grip handle, telescopic
CS-151            2x          Perpendicular 15mm rod clamp
CS-153            2x          Triple rod clamp
CS-154            2x          Quad rod clamp bracket
CS-P1            1x          Adjustable ergonomic shoulder pad
CS-1509            1x          Iris rods  90mm
CS-1512            6x         Iris rods 120mm
CS-1522            2x          Iris rods 250mm 

Other shown parts are NOT included in the CHRONOS Kit

See a 3D product on this video link

Download Chronos manual

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