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Follow Focus Kit Universal
This CS MFC-1 compact follow focus system enables you to control the focus with more precision.
Made from machined aluminum and other high-tech materials, this follow focus is up to the level of the most demanding camera man.
Attaches directly to the 15 mm light weight support with a quick-lock clamper.  Apart from the preferred Cambo CS-Rigs, The CS-MFC-1 will also fit any standardised 15mm Rig System this way

To be universal with all the different lenses out there,  a flexible gear ring can fit any lens with a focus barrel from 40mm to 100mm in diameter.
To make things easy we have put together a premade kit which has everything you need to start using the CS MFC-1 on your lens.

This follow focus is also able to reverse its rotation direction to accommodate the inverse focus direction of the DSLR lenses.

CSMFC-1 kit: Compatible with any lens up from 40mm up to 100mm in diameter. incl. Flexible Gear-ring and Drive Gear m0.8x46

Videolink to show CS-MFC-1

Other shown parts are NOT included in the Follow Focus Kit

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