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Low Handle Grip DSLR Support
The Bronto-rig offers stability during handheld video capturing from low-angle. This Bronto rig can be extended to any rig configuration.
The rig includes a 1/4 Ballhead for Monitor attachment to the front of the handle. 

The Bronto-rig can be used with any follow-focus and/or matte box, this rig configuration allows to center the weight of the camera by the position of the handle for optimised alignment of the shooting direction.
A Bundle with Cambo Mattebox and Follow Focus is also available.

The distance between the optical centre of the lens and the iris rods is adjustable, making this rig applicable to different types of cameras.

BRONTO Assembly consist of:

CS-M1           1x        Compact camera/tripod mount
CS-H9           1x        Low position Grip handle
CS-152           1x        Dual parallel clamp
CS-1530           2x        Iris rods 300mm
CS-157           1x        1/4 adapter
CS-397           1x        Ballhead for Monitor

Other shown parts are NOT included in the BRONTO Kit

Also available as:

CS-BS-BRONTO including FollowFocus and CS-M100 MatteBox

CS-LS-BRONTO including FollowFocus and CS-M210 MatteBox

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