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WDS Lenspanels with Rodenstock E-Shutter
All WDS Lenspanels for WideRS, WideDS and WideCompact can soon be delivered with Rodenstock eShutter system on request.

Rodenstock eShutters can be controlled by either an Apple iPad or iPhone, or remote from a computer/laptop using USB controlled device.

Shutter speeds are limited to 1/125 second fastest.
Each shutter is dedicated integrated with its specific lens. 

Also all other Rodenstock Lenses with #0 shutter mount (and even such Schneider lenses) can be delivered with this Rodenstock eShutter

Techncal Data
Digital Characteristics Rodenstock eShutter
Fastest shutter speed 1/125 sec
Shutter size size 0
Aperture increments 1/6 f-stops
Lifetime shutter actuations 200‘000
Exposure sequence rates Max. 1.5 exposures per second
Flash synchronization X contact, early, late flash, M signal, Wake-up Mode sensor
Power supply in the studio External power unit
Voltage input for the external power unit 100V - 240V
Outdoor power supply Battery operation
Battery recharging time 3 hours
Operation time on batterypower 8 hours
Shutter control Computer Mac / PC, iPhone, iTouch oder iPad
Connection USB 1/2/3
Operating temperatures 0 – 45 °C / 32 – 113 °F
Dimensions and weight 76 mm diameter, 17 mm thickness, weight 200 g