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Compendium with 2 point fixation
The WRS-1090 Compendium is the ideal shading device for the Cambo WRS series cameras.

This compendium can easily be rotated -while mounted- from landscape to portrait shading position and featurs a self supporting bellows that can be accomodated to the correct extension, offering enough shading without vignetting. Adjustable positioning and one-knob fixation of the front bellows allow for quick and easy lens changes.
Mounting the WRS-1090 Compendium to a WideRS with Accessory shoe on the top requires the WRS-1095 Hot Shoe Adapter.
Mounting the WRS-1090 Compendium to the WideRS Anniversary Edition requires the WRS-1096 Step-up Adapter.

The WRS-1090 will accept either the WRS-1060 iPhone Adapter, or WRS-1075 Accessory Shoe Holder, or WRS-1080 to be mounted on top of it. 

This WRS-1090 is now available with a Filter Slot, accepting 4x4" as well as 100x100mm filters, ranging from 1mm to 3.5mm thickness . This allows the user to easily insert a ND filter during live focussing or insert an opaque filter for creating a LCC correction with active shading, as an example of use.

WRS-1090 with Filter inserted

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