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iPhone Holder for WideRS
The WRS-1060 iPhone Holder fits with 2 knobs securely on the WideRS' accessories.

The Cambo iPhone Holder is compatible with the iPhone 4/4s or 5/5s. To use the functionality as viewfinder and composing tool, the use of the Viewfinder (Pro or eFinder) app is required, see this link to Direstudio.com. This app can be downloaded from the App Store.
The WRS-1060 pivots easily from Landscape to Portrait position and back.  The front accepts the Schneider iPro wide angle adapter lenses (not included), dedicated for the iPhone.

Mounting the WRS-1060 to the Anniversary Edition requires the WRS-1096 step-up adapter
Mounting the WRS-1060 to any camera body with a hot shoe requires the WRS-1095 Hot Shoe Adapter.
When using the WRS-1090 Compendium, the iPhone Holder fits securely on top of the WRS-1090.

Using the WRS-1095 Hot Shoe Adapter, makes the unit useable and functional to any medium or small format camera fitted with a hot shoe.

Note: Wide Angle Lens Schneider iPro not included.

Optional Version WRS-1060S includes WA iPro lens.