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Follow Focus Kit 15mm Single Action with Hard Stops
This CS MFC-2 professional follow focus system enables you to control the focus with the best precision.
Made from machined aluminum and other high-tech materials, this follow focus is up to the level of the most demanding camera man.

This Follow Focus unit CS-MFC-2 has a unique design with unique features, as it will be mounted to one single bar of the support system. This version also features 2 adjustable hard stops to limit the focus draw between 2 desired points, or comes in handy for lenses that do not have hard stops on the focus ring. These points can be placed independently between 3 and 345 degrees from eachother.

The mounting to one bar only has several advantages. When changing lenses, just release one knob with a simple twist and hinge the follow focus unit aside and you can change lenses unobstructed. The new lens will have a different diameter, the Follow Focus Unit CS-MFC-2 will easily be hinged in place to the new diameter of the lens with a one hand operation. Also when the gear is not in the same distance, the unit can be shifted foreward or backwards at the same time. A time-saving advantage.
Thanks to the uniquely profiled support bars, the unit locks very secure and positive with the correct amount of touching towards the gearrack of the lens in order to operate the focus movements without any play in the mechanism. 

This follow focus is also able to reverse its rotation direction to accommodate the inverse focus direction of the DSLR lenses.

Other features of the CS-MFC-2 include

  • exchangeable gears 
  • gears mount on front end or backside end 
  • unit can be rotated for reverse rotation of gears 
  • double hinge allows for angled position of the knob 
  • fits to any diameter of lens without modification 
  • one removable gearstrip for lens included 
  • accepts Starknob and Flexible Knob extension
  • two adjustable hard stops 

CS-MFC-2 kit: Compatible with any lens diameter. incl. Flexible Gear-ring and Drive Gear m0.8x45

Videolink to user setup

Other shown parts are NOT included in the Follow Focus Kit

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