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Schneider View Camera lenses

Schneider's view Camera lenses
Cambo offers the full range of Schneider lenses for view cameras such as:
- Apo-Symmar
- Super Symmar XL
- Macro-Symmar
- Super-Angulon XL
- Apo-Tele-Xenar
Please note that Schneider has discontinued the production of their range of lenses for analog applications (4x5 to 8x10). Some lense may be left in stock.

And for Digital Applications:

- Apo-Digitar
- Macro-Digitar
- W.A.-Digitar

for extended explanation of the use of digital lenses you can find an article on Schneider's website www.schneiderkreuznach.de/knowhow

Download Schneider's Digitar Brochure from www.schneiderkreuznach.de/digitar

Download Schneider's Taking Lenses Brochure from www.schneiderkreuznach.de/large_format

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