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Leaf Users

Interesting Link for Mamiya/Leaf users
Mamiya Leaf users can benefit from Cambo's long expertise in view camera techniques and high end large format shooting.

To optimise the quality potential of the Credo and Aptus series, Cambo offers solutions with the ULTIMA 23 with Direct interface plates for all available Aptus/Credo versions, with the use of Live Video and choice of Schneider and Copal shutters. Cambo also offers both Schneider and Rodenstock lenses to complete the system with the finest digital optics available. Leaf supports the use of the software controlled Rollei shutter system. Additionally a Stitching back can be used to increase image size.

For architectural shooters, the  Wide RS Digitar series offers excellent opportunities in combination with Leaf's Credo digital backs. Offering real wide-angle optics and lateral as well as vertical shift, with optional Tilt and Swing panels, high-end results are there at reach.
The Credo's built-in storage and large display make working on location with the Wide RS/DS as easy as possible.
The newly introduced Credo50 series will offer further improved workflow and ease of use in the field thanks to the Live Viewing options with the Cmos sensor.

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