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Canon Users

Interesting Link for Canon users
For Canon users, Cambo has designed a dedicated view camera system to take more advantage of the image capabilities of the Canon 1D and 1Ds series, and now especially the full frame 5D.  With the use of the Cambo ACTUS, Ultima 35 or X2-Pro,  Canon users will have the possibility to use full view camera movements with their Canon bodies, with a wide choice in excellent optics. More movements than with TS-lenses, more options in movements on front and rear standard, movements with any lens that is used and optics with high-end digital quality will only improve results. The Canon body does not need to be modified and can be taken off the Ultima or X2-Pro at any time to mount Canon's own lenses for hand held shooting.

Please take a look at our section Digital Photography, especially the Ultima 35 solution will fit you.

Another option is Cambo's newest design ACTUS
Take a look at our productconfigurator how to create your personal ACTUS Set for Canon.

Yet another option is Cambo's design X2-PRO
Take a look at our productconfigurator how to create your personal X2-PRO Set for Canon.

For the many shooters that utilise the HDSLR video function of the 5D and 7D Canon cameras, cambo has developed an innovative new HDSLR Supprt Rig for attaching your Canon.  The Rig is available in several pre-set versions, and offers maximum comfort and ease of use.
The system not only supports your HDSLR on youer shoulder, it also offers a follow focus unit, a matte box, counterweight and other accessories.
Check out the rigs at the   DSLR SUPPORT SECTION