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Kit with V40 Video Boom
Look at how much you can save on this top-of-the-range professional crane!
The V40 is used at motor racing events, music venues, sports stadiums and broadcast events. 
The Cambo modular system means that this pro crane kit with its reach of 4.65 meters (extendable to 6.65 m) is as easy to assemble, disassemble and to transport as the smaller cranes in the range and is able to be operated simply by one operator.
The Deluxe kit (sample) shown here includes a motorised pan & tilt unit operated via joystick remote, an 7" TFT monitor, Extension units, Cables and cases, a heavy duty dedicated Tripod;
other lengths combinations are also possible.

What's In The Kit?
TVB-100 Tripod 
V40 Pro Video Boom 
V46 Control Frame Deluxe for V40  
PT-150 Joystick Unit Adapter 
V44 LCD Screen Holder  
PTM-244 Magic Arm  
V54  0.6m Extension (Tail extension) 
V55 1m Extension for V40 (3 units each 1 mtr)
VCS-300-60 Cable Stabilisation set 
PTM-357 Universal Sliding Plate 
PT-900s Motorised Pan & Tilt Unit 
PT-914 Control Cable 10m 
PT-190 Flight case PT-900s 
V444 Softcase for V40 
LCD-2 Monitor TFT 7" HD (PAL & NTSC) 
ALCD-1 Power Supply
Video Signal Cable 10mtr 
PT-934 Lead XILR4 Power Plug 

Note: Counterweights NOT included
          V40 takes normal Fitness Counterweights

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