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Four Wheel Dolly System
Cambo VPD-4 is a high quality Four Wheel Dolly that can be used as on-track or off-track dolly just by changing the wheels.
The VPD-4 Dolly System includes a detachable rotating seat.  The specially designed track wheels give excellent performance on any universal 62 cm track, including Cambo's UniTrack System.

For more flexibility, the VPS Pedestal and seat-unit can be exchanged with a Tripod Adapter Kit for the use of any video tripod.

The VPD-4 Kit consists of:
VPD-44 Platform
VPD-33 Push Bar
VPD-55 Rotating Seat-Unit
VPD-77 Tracking Wheelset
VPS-1   Pneumatic Pedestal

Optional Accessories are:
VPSF-600 Fixed Pedestal
VPD-76  Tripod Adapter Kit
VPD-78  Pneumatic Off-Track Wheelset
VPD-79  Studio Wheelset

Load Capacity upto 210 Kgs
Detachable Push Bar
Seat is adjustable in Height and Distance to Pedestal
Low-friction Rotating Unit with Locking Lever
Interchangeable Wheel Sets for different purposes
Trackwheels designed for universal 62 cm Tracks

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