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Foxi Remote Unit
Foxi by bebob is a professional remote device for control of Focus and Iris. It is designed for use only with Panasonic DVX100B and HVX200 cameras.

The following functions can be controlled:
  • Focus (rotating knob) 
  • Switching between Auto-Focus and Manual-Focus 
  • Iris (slider paddle) 
  • Switching between Auto-Iris and Manual-Iris 

The Focus knob is designed in similar style to a Follow-Focus knob with a diameter of 60mm with an approximate 270 degrees of rotational travel. A built in non adjustable fluid friction allows slow, accurate and repeatable Focus control movements

The control of the iris is made using a throttle design sliding paddle indicator. 
Two sliding-switches located at the bottom of the Foxi housing allows toggling from Auto to Manual-Focus and from Auto- to Manual-Iris and vice versa.