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Kit with ARTES/MPT
Just add camera!
The Artes Mini-Crane is the perfect solution for weddings, corporate presentations and product shots. 
This lightweight kit is modular which makes transporting the Artes quick, simple & cheap! 
The manual PAN TILT UNIT  is easy to operate but achieves great dynamic results equal to those of more expensive cranes.

Whats Included:
Artes - MPT Video Boom 
TVBM-132 XNB Tripod
TVBMD-114 Dolly for 132XB
LCD-2 Monitor TFT 7" HD
ALCD-1 Power Adapter LCD
PTM-244 Magic Arm
Video Signal Cable 5M
PTM-357 Universal Sliding Plate

Note: Counterweights NOT included
         Artes takes normal Fitness Counterweights

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