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Kit with Pedestal
This low-cost professional studio pedestal comes complete with the Cambo VPD-9 Dolly which makes low camera positions possible.
For a higher reach we have also included both 150mm and 300mm Height Extensions and the kit is completed with a set of Cable Guards.
The Pedestal features a load capacity of up to 30kg and the balance can be easily adjusted by simply pumping in more air.
Thanks to the Pedestal your presenters can always be in just the right position on camera.

What's In The Kit?:
VPS-1 Cambo Pedestal 
VPD-9 Cambo Pedestal Dolly (Including Spider) 
VPD-510 Cable Guard Set
VPS-150 Cambo Pedestal Extension (150mm) 
VPS-300 Cambo Pedestal Extension (300mm)  

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