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IDX Endura-7S

Battery 14.8 v/4.8 Ah
71Wh Lithium Ion V-Mount Battery Pack

E-7S is the upgraded version of E-50S.This economical version of new E-7 provides the same power specifications of 71Wh, which is 30% increase from E-50S of capacity. For those using lower consumption shoulder mounted cameras the new E-7S, 71Wh, Li-ion battery pack provides the most economical and powerful power solution available.

Capacity: 71Wh/4.8Ah
Mean voltage: 14.8V
Maximum voltage: 16.8V
Typical camera run-time: 2.7 hours (@ 26W)
Protection circuit: Temperature and current voltage protection.
Operating temperature: -20°C~50°C, -4°F~122°F
Dimensions: 3.4"(W) x 5.6"(H) x 1.3"(D)
85mm(W) x 142mm(H) x 33mm(D)
Weight: 1.16 lbs. (520g)