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Cambo's  Wide RS Series is the ideal photographic tool for the landscape, interior and architectural photographers needing less space for their equipment. Based around the same platform as the existing Wide DS, the RS is considerably smaller and lighter, still offering combined vertical and horizontal movements.
Geared movements allow for perspective control as well as stitching for wider views or even greater filesizes.
Both directions use accelerated gears for fast yet precise movements, both movements shift the image plane on the rearstandard, leaving the lensposition untouched. Next to the body's Shift possibilities, Cambo offers lensboards with Tilt-Swing possibilities for many of the popular focal lengths, in order to increase depth of field or selective sharpness.

The RS has been designed for digital photography with high-end digital backs and features Schneider's latest Digitar lenses with short focal lengths for optimum image quality, as well as a choice from Rodenstock's Digaron-S and Digaron-W series. The present range consists of Schneider's Super-Digitar 5.6/28XL,  5.6/35XL,  5.6/43XL, 5.6/47XL,  5.6/72L,  4.5/90 and 5.6/120. Also Rodenstock's new 4.0/32HR Digaron-W,  Digaron-S 5.6/23 HR, 4.5/28 HR, 4.0/35 HR, 4.0/60 HR, Digaron-W  4.0/40, 5.6/70 and 5.6/90 are available on a Cambo WDS lenspanel. More lens options on request.
Interface plates are available for backs that have a mount for either PhaseOne/Mamiya 645DF, Hasselblad-V, Hasselblad H, or Contax 645, and available is an interface which will accept the latest Leaf AFi / Sinar HY6 digital backs with their rotating options.
Lenspanels are interchangeable on the camera system. 

Viewing options are the Optical Viewfinder WDS-580, in combination with specific masks for focal lengths with movement indication, use Cambo's WDS-619/616 Universal Groundglass/Viewer, or use the Universal Groundglass with Fresnellens in combination with Cambo's high quality 3x Viewing Loupe WDS-630.

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WRS-Anniversary Edition
WRS-5000 / 5005
Wide RS Body Wooden handgrips
Wide RS Body
Wide Compact Body
WDS Digital Lenspanels
All WDS Digital Lenspanels
iPhone Holder for WideRS
Compendium with 2 point fixation
Interfaceplate with Hasselblad-V mount
Interface plate for Afi / HY6 Back
Interfaceplate with Contax 645 mount
Interfaceplate with Mamiya 645 AFd mount
Interfaceplate with Hasselblad-H mount
Groundglass/Fresnel Frame for SLW-mount
SLW-Adapter accepting Mamiya RB FilmBack
WTS-828 Tilt - Swing
WTS Tilt/Swing Lenspanel with Digaron-S 28HR Lens
WTS-832 Tilt - Swing
WTS Tilt/Swing Lenspanel with Digaron-W 32HR Lens
WTS-840 Tilt - Swing
WTS Tilt/Swing Lenspanel with Digaron 40HR Lens
WTS-843 Tilt - Swing
WTS Tilt/Swing Lenspanel with Digitar 43XL Lens
WTS-847 Tilt - Swing
WTS Tilt/Swing Lenspanel with Digitar 47 mm Lens
WTS-860 Tilt - Swing
WTS Tilt/Swing Lenspanel with NEW Digitar 60 XL Lens
WTS-870 Tilt - Swing
WTS Tilt/Swing Lenspanel with Digaron 70HR Lens
WTS-872 Tilt - Swing
WTS Tilt/Swing Lenspanel with Digitar 72 mm Lens
WTS-890 Tilt - Swing
WTS Tilt/Swing Lenspanel with Digitar 90 mm Lens
WTS-891 Tlit - Swing
WTS Tilt/Swing Lenspanel with Digaron HR SW 90 Short Barrel
WTS-8119 Tlit - Swing
WTS Tilt/Swing Short Barrel Lenspanel with Digitar 120-N Lens
Viewfinder for WideRS with 2 point fixation
WDS View Finder
Levelling Base with Accessory Mount for WideRS
WRS-1048 / 1017 / 1010
Macro-Adapter for Wide RS