Newsletter September 2012 
Newsletter September 2012

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Cambo at PhotoKina 2012 in Cologne

After a succesful participation on the IBC in Amsterdam, The Netherlands it is now time to move on to the PhotoKina in Cologne, Germany

Starting from Tuesday September 18th Cambo welcomes you on in Hall 9.1, on booth C-31/33 to check out the latest updates on the extensive program of Cambo Wide cameras and Studio cameras, Studio stands, accessories and next to that a selection of the Video support system.

Cambo will show you the full range of the renewed Cambo Wide Family,  the update of the WideRS-1200,  the new WRS-5000, a complete new version of the Wide Compact and the Wide SL.

Also Cambo will show the full range of HDSLR Support products, including the recently introduced Cambo Follow Focus CS-MFC-3 and CS-MFC-2.
This Follow Focus unit has a unique design with unique features, as it will be mounted to one single bar of the support system. The mounting to one bar only has several advantages. When changing lenses, just release one knob with a simple twist and hinge the follow focus unit aside and you can change lenses unobstructed. Also when the gear is not in the same distance, the unit can be shifted forward or backwards at the same time. 
A time-saving advantage.
New CS-MFC-2 Follow Focus Control

Next to the CS-MFC-3, Cambo will show the professional CS-MFC-2 version, based on the same high quality design but now with two additional adjustable hard stops.
These hard stops will limit the rotation of the follow focus knob and thus allowing to precisely set the focus pull between two desired points.
This is also particularly usefull with lenses that have no hard stops at all.

The total movement is stepless adjustable between 3 and 345 degrees and the stops can easily be switched on and off for unobstructed full movements.

Like the CS-MFC-3, the CS-MFC-2 offers the same options for adding a larger star knob or a 50 cm long flexible cable CS-FC500.
  New CS-MFC-2 Follow Focus Control
Extended Wide Family

Cambo will show you the WRS-1200 and WRS-1250, the sucessors of the popular WRS-1000 series. 
The WRS 1200 series offer improved compatibility with accessories and several internal improvements.

The new WRS-5000 is based on the WRS-1250, with its wooden handgrips, and features XL grip knobs for the horizontal and vertical shifts, offers a weight compensation for the rise and fall to equalise the weight of the digital back and the camera has an extra 5mm lateral shift for creating more width in your images when stitching and more shift useful for lenses with larger image circles.

The brand new WRC-400, Cambo's new compact, is a camera body as small as possible to save weight and space, but nevertheless offering a full 40mm of shift, depending of the position of the camera usable as vertical shift for perspective control, or horizontal shift for stitching large panoramas and of course horizontal perspective control. 

This compact has a detachable handgrip that can be mounted -as all accessories do- by choice on all four sides of the camera body.

All these cameras will accept the full range of WRS accessories and lenses including the unique Cambo Tilt/Swing lenspanels with their separated tilt and swing movements while combining both movements  make it possible to create your maximum depth of field or to create selective unsharpness.

Don't miss Cambo in Hall 9.1, Stand C31.

Go to Cambo Website to check out all details of the complete Cambo Wide RS System or CS System for HDSLR