Newsletter February 2015 
Newsletter February 2015

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Cambo is proud to announce the new ACTUS-DB View Camera 

The Actus-DB is a new technology camera system designed for digital backs, such as manufactured by PhaseOne, Mamiya Leaf, Hasselblad and Sinar.

Key points are:
  • smallest possible size
  • ease of use
  • flexibility
  • compatibility
  • light weight
  • portability

Read all details here.

The Actus-DB uses the same quick release lensboard fitting like the ACTUS.

Lensboards slide in and are securely locked 
with just one convenient lever.

Of course, in combination with a digital back 
you will need to use optics with a shutter that 
can trigger the digital back, such as Copal 
shutters or electronic shutter systems from 
Rodenstock or Schneider.

The Actus-DB has quick sliding focus extension and geared fine focus control.

A convenient "infinity lock" has 2 separate functions. It avoids that the IR glass of the digital back can come too close to interfere with certain optics that protrude backwards through the lens panel. 
The other use is to set it exactly at the infinity point of certain lenses in order to have a quick reference for infinity setting.

Longer monorails and longer bellows are available.

The front standard features unlimited geared swing over 360 degrees and 19 degrees of tilt 
for Scheimflug settings.

Tilt and swing axis are as close as possible to the lens's nodal point.

Rear standard features vertical and horizontal shifts within the focal plane for perspective control and quick stitching when needed.

Bellows click on and off with ease using small magnets and a simple locating pin. Bellows can not be overstretched and release automatically before damaging.

ACTUS-DB is now available.
Check with you local Cambo reseller for price information. 

Go to Cambo Website to check out all details of the complete Cambo ACTUS System or ACTUS-DB for Digital Backs.