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ACTUS-G and its extended possibilities
With the introduction of the ACTUS-GFX Cambo has created an upgraded platform for the Actus series.

Compared to the Actus-Mini this Actus-G version has an interchangeable bayonet holder. This makes it possible to use multiple cameras on the same base with just one simple lever to change it.

Using the AC-78E, it opens this platform for already available bayonets of DSLR and mirrorless camerabodies.
Using the AC-792, this will be create an ACTUS-GFX, using the AC-793, this will become an ACTUS-XCD.
Both versions are also available as complete package out of the box.

The ACTUS-G also features a geared lateral shift of 20mm each side.
New ACDB-989 Digital Back Adapter for Actus-G
With the introduction of the ACDB-989 Cambo offers the use of a digital back directly to the same Actus-G platform.

This Adapter Frame is using the same SLW-adapters as used in various other Cambo products and supports the use of PhaseOne, Mamiya, Hasselblad and Sinar digital backs.
This way you can easily switch from shooting with your Digital back to shooting with your DSLR or Mirrorless camera body, back and forth.
Of course a dedicated DB-bellows will be needed too, but the magnetic attachment makes switching a matter of seconds only.

All lenspanels and bellows are compatible within the Actus range of products.
Conversion from Actus-Mini to Actus-G
When you have an existing Actus-Mini and you want to upgrade to the Actus-G platform, Cambo offers dedicated conversion kits for this.

ACB-980 supplies you with the necessary parts to create a version for the use with Fujifilm GFX50 camera.

ACB-981 supplies you with the necessary parts to create a version for the use with Hasselblad X1D camera.

ACB-979 supplies you with the necessary basic parts before making any choice. You have to select which adapters you want to add separately. This can be either AC-78E, AC-792, AC-793 or ACDB-989.
The full range of Actus cameras include the Actus-Mini, the Actus-G series, Actus-DB and Actus-XL

More information can be found on and or contact your local Cambo reseller, to be found on our Where-to-buy Cambo section