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Update your Ultima
Cambo has been sucesfully selling Ultima view cameras over the past 18 years. Now having great succes with the new possibilities of the ACTUS system, Cambo will offer the option to update existing Ultima users to the advantages of the ACTUS system, such as a broad selection of adaptations, the ease of sensor rotation within the bayonet mount and the magnetic click-on bellows.

Introducing update kits that are quick and easy to install, the Ultima user will get access to the same adaptation possibilities as the ACTUS offers, such as the lens plates that accept system lenses of Canon, Nikon, Leica-R, Pentax645 next to the Hasselblad and Mamiya and #0, #1 or m39 based lenses. All in combination with mirrorless camera bodies, or a selection of this with DSLR camera bodies.
There is more. The next adapter offers a holder for the SLW-adapters that host digital backs. Just a quick change of the Camera holder for the Digital back holder makes it very easy to change plaforms between jobs. The bellows with magnetic attachments connect and disconnect in just seconds.
Which are the new exchange parts
On the front standard you replace the frame with the unit ACXL-960, this will accept any ACTUS lens plate.
Lens plates with shutters for use with the digital back, and lens plates with various make lenses for combinations with mirrorless or DSLR camera bodies.
The holder ACXL-960 also has a provision for the use of the Ultima compendium.
On the rear standard you replace the frame with the unit ACXL-965, this will accept any ACTUS camera bayonet.

Options are for all existing Actus bayonets, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Leica-M.
The unit offers a quick release for flipping the camera body from landscape to portrait position, keeping the center of the image in the same position, without removing the camera.
For the use of the digital backs from Hasselblad, Leaf, Mamiya or PhaseOne you will replace the rear frame with the adapter unit ACXL-970.
This unit will accept the existing SLW-Adapters that you probably have with your Ultima 23.
SLW adapters are compatible with Cambo's Actus-DB, WideRS and CSLB sliding backs.
If you currently have a Cambo sliding back, Cambo also has an exchange plate for that under construction.
How to order your upgrade
To upgrade your Cambo Ultima, either 23, 35 or 45, there are 2 packages for you:

ACXL-365 package includes front mount, rear mount for camera bayonet and a AC-214 bellows.
You only have to add the correct bayonet from the Actus series (AC-780 upto 790) and lens panels for your lenses.
Lens panels and bayonets can be found on the related products of the ACTUS Mini View camera

ACXL-370 package include front mount, rear mount frame for digital back and a AC-254 bellows.
You only have to add the SLW adapter and lens panels for your lenses.
Lens panels and bayonets can be found on the related products of the ACTUS DB2 View camera

For prices contact your local Cambo reseller, see Where to Buy