Newsletter March 2013 
Newsletter March 2013

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Cambo LOUPE offer

Cambo are famous for manufacturing high quality photographic cameras and video support equipment. Part of this range includes the Cambo CS Loupe for HDSLR camera systems.  

The CS Loupes are recognised by leading DSLR camera manufacturers for the quailty, functionality and durability. Fitted with a true 3x Schneider Kreuznach high quality optical element the Cambo CS loupe produces the best result available on the market today. Why?

  • Sharpness from edge to edge
  • No light fall-off towards or vignetting
  • Distortion free lens elements
  • No colour fringing - common on low quality products
  • Dioptre setting for personal adjustment
  • Anti fogging ventilation provided 
  • Lanyard safety strap included
  • Soft eyecup for spectical wearers for left or right eye use
  • Eyecup cap for oculair -protection during time lapse
  • Mounting with bracket with 1/4 thread to tripod  
  • Exchangeable LCD frames modular for most cameras
  • Available for cameras with 3.0 or 3.2 screens
A Special 2013 Offer

Cambo is encouraging your decision for the premium Cambo loupes.

A choice from the CS-31, CS-32 or CS-33
is now available for a reduced price of 
only € 299,-- (excl. VAT/MwSt) 
or  $ 399,--  (excl. Tax) 
from your Cambo dealer.

The regular prices are € 360,-- or $ 479,--

This offer expires April 30, 2013.
  A Special 2013 Offer
Configure your Loupe
Cambo has a great tool on the Cambo website which will guide you to the preferred loupe for your specific HDSLR camera, please follow this link to the Loupe Configurator and select your camera to find your best choice of loupe.



Go to Cambo Website to check out all details of the complete Cambo Wide RS System or CS System for HDSLR