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50 years of Cambo Wide
It was 1946 when Mr. Roelof Bok founded CAMBO in The Netherlands. After initially designing and manufacturing view cameras and studio stands, in the late 60's his company developed the first pancake tech cam with interchangeable lens panels. Over the years this evolved into various models with increasing flexibility, designed and built with maximum precision.

Today in 2018, we at Cambo celebrate not only 72 years of accumulated expertise and dedicated craftsmanship of in-house design and manufacturing, but also 50 years of CAMBO Wide series of technical cameras.
The WRS-72|50 kit is built around an ergonomically optimised camera body. Based on the WRS-1600 introduced in 2016, the WRS-72|50 adds many exclusive design changes, including rounded corners, protected spirit levels, angled placement of a hand belt support and more. The special shaped handgrip is made of fine Rosewood.
While keeping the unique body rotation between landscape and portrait position without removing digital back or lens, that help will protect your equipment against dust and damage.
The optics in this kit are Rodenstock's finest 32HR-W and 90HR-SW, both in a tilt/swing lens panel for the best image quality and control.
Additionally, Cambo has designed a new precision tilting function to the 90HR's rear spacer, which adds an additional six degrees of tilt -or swing- on top of its lens panel movements. This offers you even more flexibility and image optimisation.
This exquisite kit is delivered in a luxury Rimowa case with dedicated cavities for your equipment, including space for a digital back and extra lens or accessories.
The kit is completed with Cambo's PCH precision controlled ball and geared head, with exclusive anniversary trim.

This is a limited series of only 50 numbered units. Each kit comes with a Certificate of Authenticity with matching numbers.
Availability info:
Each unit is engraved with a unique number. You may ask for an available number between 01 and 50, as long as it is not given out yet. This Kit can be ordered through your Cambo Reseller.
More information can be found on this link to the WRS-7250
You can also download a PDF from this link.

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