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The AC-380 is a replacement focus assembly for the Actus camera bodies, with the unique ability to drive the focus movement in normal ratio as well as with a fine ratio of 1:5, allowing very precise focussing in all situations. The extra focus layer knob has a larger diameter for optimum feeling of fine focus.

AC-380 can be added to every Actus-B, -G and -DB version ever delivered, by a simple replacement routine.

Next to the focus movement, the AC-380 is also suitable to replace the Tilt movement on the front standard of the Actus-B series in the same way.  

AC-380 consist of an assembly of the drive gear, direct drive knob and a fine ratio knob.

AC-380 is a replacement assembly suitable for the focus of all delivered Actus-B, Actus-G and Actus-DB versions including Actus-GFX, -XCD, and -DB2.

AC-380 can also be used in the same way for replacement of the Tilt knob assembly on the front standard of the Actus-B and early Actus-DB, adding a fine ratio tilt functionality.

The exchange procedure is a straight forward operation, guided by a clear manual.  

  • additional weight: 26 gram after exchange
  • additional width:  10 mm after exchange
  • direct drive knob diameter: 32 mm
  • fine ratio gear knob diameter: 25 mm
  • package includes drive assembly AC-380, 1 hex key, 1 instruction manual.
Compatibility on REAR standard:

  • Actus-B (including B2, B4, B6, B8)
  • Actus-DB and Actus-DB2
  • Actus-G (including Actus-GFX, XCD)

Compatibility on FRONT standard:

  • Actus-B (including B2, B4, B6, B8)
  • Actus-DB early versions
  • AC-381 is required for Actus-G and Actus-DB2

Cambo AC-380 Instruction Manual v3.pdf Download

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