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Celebrating Cambo's 75 years Anniversary we introduce a special ACTUS Wide Angle KIT based on the ACTUS-G in combination with the new ACTAR-15

This special set comprises an ACTUS-G, an ACTAR-15 and a bayonet set by choice for a mirrorless camera body.

The ACTUS-G is the most universal version of the Actus series with its interchangeable bayonet holder system and all geared movement for tilt, swing and shifts.

The ACTAR-15 is a new member of the Cambo ACTAR series of lenses and offers a generous image circle of over 65mm while having virtually no distortion.
The image circle allows for 12 to 15mm shifts on a 24x36 sensor and even covers the 33x44 sensor with up to 6 mm of shift.

This set is optimised for the use with a mirrorless camera body such as Canon-R, Nikon-Z and Sony A-series, but also supports the use of Fuji's GFX series and the smaller APS-sensor bodies.

A complete set is packed into a dedicated box.
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