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15mm precision iris rods with memory slot

The slotted iris rods are available in the following lengths:

CS-1509    – 90mm (aprox. 3,5”)
CS-1512    – 120mm (aprox. 5”)
CS-1522    – 250mm (aprox. 10”)
CS-1530    – 300mm (aprox. 12”)
CS-1538    – 380mm (aprox. 15”)
CS-1546    – 460mm (aprox. 18”)

The CS-15 iris rods are fabricated from high grade precision aluminum with a hardened PTFE anodized black finish. The PTFE finish reduces the wear and improves adjustment settings.

This iris rod features  3/8” female thread on both ends. In combination with the CS-155 these rod can be extended in length. The memory slot can be used to indicate the user preset rotation angle of the CS-151 clamp. This reduces the setup time of the rig.
CS-1512    – 120mm (aprox. 5”)

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