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This CS MFC-22 professional follow focus system enables you to control the focus with the best precision.
Made from machined aluminum and other high-tech materials, this follow focus is up to the level of the most demanding camera man.

This Follow Focus unit CS-MFC-22 combines the unique design of the CS-MFC-2 swivelling construction with the extra stablity of mounting to two parallel bars of the 15mm support system.
This version also features 2 adjustable hard stops to limit the focus draw between 2 desired points, or comes in handy for lenses that do not have hard stops on the focus ring. These points can be placed independently between 3 and 345 degrees from eachother.

CS-MFC-22 kit: Compatible with any lens diameter. incl. Flexible Gear-ring and Drive Gear m0.8x45

Other shown parts are NOT included in the Follow Focus Kit

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