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Cambo ACTUS Canon Eos Lens Adapter

Cambo has now released the NEW Cambo ACTUS-ACB-CA adapter for Canon EF lenses for use on the Actus.

The ACB-CA is using an electronic control for setting and operating the motorised apertures of Canon EF lenses.
This adapter has an internal battery for contineous use and features a display which shows the preset or set aperture together with the focal length. This also allows for accurate display of the focal length when using zoom lenses.  

This ACB-CA lens adapter is designed to work with most mirrorless camera bodies, such as the Sony A7 series, Fujifilm X series and Canon M series. Mounted on the Actus it allows for tilt, swing and shifts with any mounted Canon lens, be it within the limitations of the used lens' image circle.

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