Photokina News: X2-PRO

September 2006,
Cambo Fotografische Industrie BV is pleased to announce the X2-PRO camera system, a new tool that gives photographers the ability to shoot with their existing digital SLR cameras using view camera movements. The innovative X2-Pro camera system allows technical camera front standard movements such as rise, fall, swing, shift and tilt.
Ultra-fine adjustments of the lens plane used for perspective and fine focus control are driven by two patented CAMBO CROSSGEARING drives that have the feel of liquid-smooth precision.
In addition, Cambo's dedicated mounting system places each different digital SLR in the exact optical centre of the camera's sensor and features a quick-release for use in landscape or portrait position without removing the bellows. The X2-PRO system is compatible with digital SLR cameras such as Canon's 1Ds series, 5D, 20D, 30D, Nikon's D2x and D200 bodies, Fujifilm's S3 body, and Mamiya's ZD body.
With a maximum bellows extension of 150mm, the Cambo X2-Pro lets the photographer choose from their existing Schneider, Rodenstock, Hasselblad and Mamiya lenses where there's no extra
expense for additional lenses, or take advantage of the latest digital lenses from Schneider or Rodenstock.

Simply choose a bellows (Canon or Nikon mount) and select which lensboard is needed (flat or recessed based on focal length) and photographers can turn their digital SLR into a tethered or non-tethered technical view camera. Light-weight and portable, the X2-Pro can be used on location or in the studio.

The Cambo X2-PRO can be seen on Photokina, Hall 6 booth B/C 026.
The Cambo X2-PRO will be available through Cambo's distributor network in October 2006.

Body specifications:
- Weight (body only): 1.9 kg
  incl. Bellows and mount-block: 2,1 kg
- Size (hxbxd): 26,3 x 29,3 x 19,5 cm.

Front Panel geared movements:
- Horizontal Shift: 17,5mm left, 17,5mm right
- Vertical Shift:     17,5mm up, 17,5mm down
- Tilt angle: 20° up, 20° down
- Swing angle: 20° left, 20° right

- Focussing range: 63 to 150mm (global focal length without recessed lensplate)
 Note that the possible amount of Lens panel movement is depending on:
- the image circle of the used lens
- the chip size
- the body / bayonet construction of the DSLR camera

The X2-PRO camera is suitable for use with Schneider ApoDigitars 28, 72, 80, 90, 100, 120 and 150;
 for the Rodenstock ApoSironar Digital 90, 105, 135 and 150.
The body is also useable in combination with the following lens adapters:
- Hasselblad CF lens adapter for use of Hasselblad CF lenses
- Mamiya 645Pro lens adapter for use of Mamiya 645 Pro lenses
- Mamiya RB/RZ lens adapter for use of Mamiya RB or RZ lenses.
For other lens solutions contact your Cambo dealer.

DSLR camera compatibility:
The X2-PRO system is introduced with mount-blocks for the following camera bodies:
Canon 1Dseries and 5D, 20D,30D, Nikon D2x and D200, Fuji S3 and Mamiya ZD.
Other mounts will follow, as new DSLR bodies will be introduced.

Spirit levels:
The spirit levels are of a high quality and used in two directions to level the focusing block. The Lens panel housing has a level for exact horizontal positioning of the lens.

For more possibilities and accessories please contact your Cambo Dealer.

This Specification-sheet is prepared by Cambo with care, although no responsibility, financial or otherwise, is accepted for any consequences arising out of the use of
this manual or this material. All specifications in this manual are subject to change without notice.

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