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VPD-4 Introduction

Cambo presents the new VPD-4 Four Wheel Dolly System on IBC 2007.
VPD-4 is a high quality four-wheel dolly that can be used on-track and off-track just by changing the wheels. The dolly system includes a detachable rotating seat.
The smooth moving specially designed track wheels give excellent performance on any universal 62 cm track, including Cambo's UniTrack System.
For more flexibility the VPS Pedestal and Rotating Seat-unit can be replaced with a tripod-adapter kit to allow the use of any video tripod, or with a pedestal without seat-unit.
The VPD-4 Kit consists of a Platform with Push Bar, Rotating Seat-unit and On-Track Wheel set. Its load capacity is upto 210 Kgs. Optionally available are studio wheel sets, pneumatic wheel set, tripod adpter kit and other pedestal / boom options.

The VPD-4 is available as of yet.

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