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WRS with New T/S Lens choices

Cambo's succesfull Wide DS for digital applications has now even more choices of lenses with the addition of lensplates with Rodenstock's Apo-Sironar 28HR Digital and Schneider's New Apo-Digitar 5,6/72 as well as Schneider's Apo-Digitar 4,5/90mm.   Dedicated lensplates with these lenses now add up the total to seven different digital lenses especially for use with digital backs such as PhaseOne, Leaf, Hasselblad/Imacon and Sinar.
The present choice is Schneider's 24XL, 35XL, 47XL, 72L and 90N and Rodenstock's  28HR and 55 Sironar Digital.

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