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X-Shutter available for Cambo

Phase One and Cambo are pleased to announce the availability of the X-Shutter for other platforms than the Phase One XT, such as pancake and view cameras.

What is the X-Shutter?
  • An Electronic leaf shutter that can replace the #0 Copal style shutters in most Rodenstock or Schneider lenses.
  • A shutter which is ONLY controlled by Phase One's IQ4 Infinity Platform.
  • Shutter speed ranging from 1/1000 sec to 60 minutes

What is an X-Shutter Remount?
  • The addition of, or replacement with, the X-Shutter to an existing lens.
  • The shutter is connected to the IQ4 via one cable. Shutter controls are available at the IQ4's display and/or Capture One (i.e. no internal contacts via the XT Camera).

What lenses are supported?
  • Listed lenses that can be handled by Rodenstock and/or Schneider Service will be remounted into the X-Shutter.
  • All of these lenses are supported from the IQ4's firmware (to be updated)
  • The exact list of lenses can be found on X-Shutter info

Will new Rodenstock lenses be available with X-shutter?
  • New Rodenstock HR lenses 23, 32, 40, 50, 70, 90 and 180 HR can be ordered with X-Shutter through the Cambo sales channel.

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