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Dear Cambo reseller,

Now that Hasselblad has released a new firmware for their X1d camera, that allows the use of the built-in electronic shutter, we at Cambo are pleased to introduce two new products that support the Hasselblad X1d body.
Based on the knowledge used in our other Canon lens adapters, Cambo has now created an adapter to enable the use of Canon lenses on the Hasselblad-X1D camera.
This adapter is mounted directly to the X1D camera bayonet and it controls the aperture of Canon lenses electronically, by similar controls as on the ACB-CA, WRE-CA and CA-GFX. Be aware that there is no further protocol to communicate with the X1D camera for setting aperture, auto focus or EXIF date from the lens.
It may be obvious that only Canon lenses that have a larger image circle, such as the T/S lenses, will have enough coverage for this sensor.
This combination makes it possible to use the Hasselblad X1D camera with a 17mm (and 24mm) focal length that covers the full format of the X1D 33x44mm sensor !!
Depending on the composition you may still be able to use the T/S movements on the lens itselves, unobstructed.

As there is no mechanical shutter in this setup, there are limitations in use with certain light sources, exposure times and subjects, we refer to the information from Hasselblad about this.
As a further development of the ACTUS-G product line for medium format mirrorless cameras, Cambo is now introducing the ACTUS-XCD to host the Hasselblad X1D camera body.

The ACTUS-G system was already available as ACTUS-GFX for the Fujifilm GFX series, now the bayonet holder can be supplied with the XCD bayonet from Hasselblad. The bayonet holder is interchangeable and include Cambo's convenient internal rotation between landscape and portrait position.
The ACTUS-XCD can be ordered now as 99010883 and will have the same price as the ACTUS-GFX

The CA-XCD Adapter can be ordered now as 99070302 and will have the same price as the CA-GFX

Availability starts already during September 2017, so you can send in your orders as of today.
Next week we will introduce the products on our website and update our price lists.

For more information, please contact our Cambo sales team at