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The ACTAR-24 /X2 is a lens dedicated to the Cambo X2-Pro in combination with a dslr or mirror less camera, mounted to the X2-Pro. This lens is permanently attached to a X2-Pro lens panel and has a focal length of 24mm. This makes it an ideal companion for landscape and architectural photographers. With a relatively light weight and a modest size it is easy to carry with you to location shootings.

The ACTAR-24 is a lens with almost no geometrical distortion. As the image circle is 60mm, there is an optically allowed horizontal shift possible of 10mm each side when using a full frame (24x36) sensor in landscape mode, and 12mm in portrait mode. When using a smaller APS-C sensor the shift possibilities grow to 15mm and 17mm. Of course vertical shifts have the same possible numbers in reverse order.
The optical design of this lens is a 16 element in 11 groups, of which all lenses are multicoated to achieve the best contrast. The aperture range is from f/3,5 to f/22 in half stop increments. Please note that the aperture is manual and there are no electronical connections available nor needed.

Image circle 60mm

When used in combination with a 24x36 chip the following
perspective comparison applies:
=  24 mm on SLR full frame
=  35 mm on 48x36 digital back CCD
=  40 mm on 4,5x6cm film size
=  75 mm on 4x5" film size

focal length
aperture range
f 3,5 - 22  (manual)
lens construction
16 elements / 11 groups
multi coating
front filter thread
size L x W x H
95 x 98 x 150 (includes X2 mount)
660 gram
image circle
build for
Cambo Actus (non DB)
works in combination with X2-Pro for
Canon, Nikon, Sony A7

Actar Leaflet Download
Full Res stitched capture Download
Image with 15mm rise . Download

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