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This ACTUS is a special version dedicated to Repro applications and Flat Art reproduction.

The front standard is permanently fixed in a secured parallel alignment without possibilities for swing or tilts, in order to assure the best parallel planes between lens and capture medium.

Because the ACTUS is suitable for DSLR and Mirrorless camera bodies and has interchangeable bayonets for both, the ACTUS body is the ideal choice for using the high resolution versions of these Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon and Sony bodies.

The quickly interchangeble lens plates allow for using the best applicable optics for the working situation, considering the magnification, distance, size and resolution requirements.
As the shutter system is incorporated into the camera body, the optics on the lens panel only need to have a manual aperture.

Cambo's ACTAR-105 and ACTAR-120 are excellent choices for reproduction, both in their own magnification range.
Also Rodenstock as well as Schneider are examples of manufacturers who deliver a range of possibilities for this application.
The monorail construction allows for a broad range of distance adjusting.
While the ACTUS-Repro is default fitted with a 300mm long monorail, it can be exchanged to versions of 155mm or even 450mm.
Small subject areas, combined with relatively long focal lengths may require more distance between front and rear standard. The modular design of the ACTUS Repro is filling in this need. Bellows are also available at different lengths and even special made to custom specifications.

Precise focussing is easily done with the fine geared focussing rack and pinion of the rear standard, after setting the desired enlargement with the quick slider of the rear standard. Using live video focussing from the sensor ensures the best results.
The ACTUS-REPRO features a dual fine focus gear by default.

The parallel shift possibilities of the rear standard will serve you in 2 ways:
- you can fine position the sensor above a subject without changing the position of the subject
- you can take multiple shots at different positions if your subject is larger than the sensor can capture at the given resolution. Of course the image circle of the used lens should allow for this too.
Size L / W / H:
30 x 10 x 17 cm - with 300mm rail
Weight approx.
1000 grams

Rear shift vert:
27 mm  (12 / 15)
Rear shift hor:
40 mm  (20 / 20)

Focus travel:
with 155mm rail:
upto 125mm (Sony E-mount)
upto 145mm (Nikon F-mount)
upto 141mm (Canon EOS-mount)
Focus travel:
with 300mm rail:
upto 270mm (Sony E-mount)
upto 290mm (Nikon F-mount)
upto 286mm (Canon EOS-mount)

Lens plates:
Copal 0
Copal 1
m39 Leica thread
ACTAR lenses
Various adapting lens plates

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Unless otherwise agreed, Cambo delivers at incoterms EXW. On all sales the METAALUNIE conditions will apply, unless otherwise agreed.
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