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The Cambo WRS/WRC version for the archival industry

The WRC-400 REPRO is the slim but rigid connection between digital backs and lenses optimised for reproduction work. Its integrated shift movements simplify framing. The solid body guarantees perfect alignment of optics and sensor.

Lenspanels can be designed for a precise magnification ratio with a lens of choice - Rodenstock or (legacy) Schneider - in combination with focusing over a helical  mount.
Most suitable lenses are available in the Phase One X-Shutter or Aperture Mount. The latter is for use with the digital back's integrated Electronic Shutter, which eliminates all moving parts and guarantees longevity.

The system can be completed with rear spacers to optimise for the required magnification ratio. Since Cambo manufactures helical focusing mounts in-house we are able to offer tailor-made solutions if needed.

The WRC-400 Repro version comes with a special holder for the Rodenstock or Schneider USB controller. This unit can be mounted on one of the 4 sides by choice.

The rear frame of the WRC-400 has a 40mm parallel shift (20mm each way) and the orientation of this is by choice left-right or front-rear.
Positioning left-right orientation allows you to stitch images of subjects that are larger than the capture area of the sensor can reproduce at a given resolution.
Positioning front-rear orientation allows you to offset the camera position from the center of the subject, or to fine position the capture area without touching the subject.

Lenses with focal lengths over 80mm can also be delivered with a Helical focussing mount with a travel distance of 25mm, which allows for a much broader enlargement range.

Rearside interface for Hass-V, Hass-H, PhaseOne IQ, MamiyaLeaf 645, Sinar HY6 or Contax compatible DigiBacks.

Frontside interface for WDS Lenspanel system
 - Advised optics: Macro and Digital - Schneider or Rodenstock

Height from Tripod Mount to Optical Center: approx. 125 mm
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Unless otherwise agreed, Cambo delivers at incoterms EXW. On all sales the METAALUNIE conditions will apply, unless otherwise agreed.
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