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This close-up adapter will host a digital back with a PhaseOne XF/DF or Mamiya-Leaf 645 AFd interface. The digital back needs to be triggered externally,
no internal contacts available.

This specific adapter can be used instead of the original SLW-83 or SLW-88 and adds 4mm extension for close-up purposes.
Samples of focussing range with a few lenses, based on the travel of the normal Rodenstock or Schneider helical focussing mounts, when using the SLW-888 interface:

 50 mm focussing between 0.68 -- 0.30 mtr
 60 mm focussing between 0.96 -- 0.42 mtr
 70 mm focussing between 1.30 -- 0.56 mtr
 72 mm focussing between 1.45 -- 0.64 mtr
 80 mm focussing between 1.68 -- 0.72 mtr
 90 mm focussing between 2.12 -- 0.90 mtr
100 mm focussing between 2.60 -- 1.10 mtr
120 mm focussing between 3.72 -- 1.56 mtr

Note that are individual differences between individual lenses which may result in a slight variation on above numbers.

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