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This Base features 3 individual lockable swivel castors with cranks to lock in place.

Weight of Base is approx. 36 Kg,  for best support and stability on the Cambo MBX stand.

The base includes a flange mount for the MBX columns, making it suitable to assemble the column to the base without topping it over to horizontal position.
Casted Iron material

3 swivelling castors with individual crancks for levelling and brake functions.

  • Frequently asked spare parts:
  • 31190114: Crank for wheels axle
  • 30310086: Locking screw for 31190114
  • 40311018: Threaded bar for wheels
  • 30311263: Wheel for MBX/Mono-base
Height of base only: 15 cm

Footprint: each leg extends 45 cm from center

Weight of base: 36 kg
There is a provision for adding extra weight uder each leg.

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