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CBH-6 / Arca mount

CBH-6 is advised for Medium format cameras upto 5 kgs, and comes with a Arca compatible quick release plate.
The quick release plate features an adjustable alignment strip against rotation on the plate.

The Cambo ACTUS mini View Camera Monorail mounts directly onto the QR of this CBH-6 without use of a tripod block or QR-plate.

Picture showing CBH-6 with a direct mounted optional Cambo Actus camera system:
Features 1/4" camera thread on a Quick Release Plate and mounts to 3/8" tripod mount. The CBH-6 series has a tension control for setting the correct amount of surface tension to the ball to compensate camera weight. It also has a separate 360 degrees base panning movement.
  • Max. load capacity: 60 kg.

  • Product weight: 875 gram

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