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The new Zoe-dvxl is an universal zoom control for all mini-dv camcorders. Now, you can operate with our Zoe-dvxl all camcorders with LanC input socket like SONY+ Canon and with CamRemote connection like Panasonic DVX+HVX.
We considered the needs of our users during the whole design-phase and also let flow our experiences from the two previous models. The new Zoe-dvxl is fitted with the same numerous detail improvements like the two other zoomgrips.
A substantial innovation is the selector switch between DVL- and DVX-mode, this make possible for an universal operation:

At the bottom of the Zoe-dvxl is the selector switch for the respective camera types. To make the application easier for you, we have reduced the label on the camera protocol. L = LanC, operate only Sony + Canon camcorder. X = Panasonic only for CamRemote output

  • The rugged elbow plug gives you two advantages: The cable goes along the camera, therefore looking better than being at a 90° angle from the housing of the camera. If you pull the cable unintentionally, it will not bend the plug

  • The coiled cable has a total length of 90 cm when it pulled out, which is more than enough between pan arm and camera. If you pull the cable unintentionally, the coiled cable avoids damaging the plug into the camera.

  • The shape of the housing protects the speed wheel and avoids accidental repositioning of the pre-adjustment.
  • Despite of the additional new function and thanks to the use of modern materials, the Zoe does not gain weight: It is at 100g as light as the previous version.

  • DVL-Modus : MSR ® Maximum zoom speed adjustment. With this function, you can limit the maximum speed of the zoom without losing the progressiveness of the rocker switch. It allows a pre-adjustment zoom speed and sensitivity smooth.

  • DVL-Modus : The On/Off button remotely operated the main switch of the camera. A green LED informs the user if the camera is switched on or off.
  • DVX- u.DVL-Modus : The record button in the middle of Zoe-dvxl remotely controlled the record function of the camera. When the camera is recording, the red LED is lit. The surface of this button is different than the other two, allowing the user to recognise it with finger tips.
  • DVL-Modus : The focus functions are the same as on the previous version of Zoe: a double click switches between "manual" and "auto-focus". A single click change the rocker to "zoom" and "focus". A continuous click activates the "push-auto function".

  • The quick-release clamp facilitates attachment to standard tripod arms up to 34mm in diameter. Also you can fix our Zoe onto the camera grip..

  • The ergonomically contoured shape of the rocker switch allows you to put your thumb at three different places: middle, right or left. In any position, you will find a position for your thumb where you can use the Zoe in a comfort and operating ease way.
  • Zoe-dvxl is available for all SONY + CANON Camcorder with LanC connection and Panasonic AG-DVC30, AG-DVX80, AG-DVX100, AG-DVX100AE, AG-DVX100B + HVX200

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