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PT-900s - Discontinued as of 2021. You may choose a third party head for heavy camera.

Complete unit, incl.100-240V/ 12V DC power supply with XLR-4 output and integrated Lanc-signal put-through connection.

Designed for the DV and Mini DV camera range, the PT900s has a weight capacity of 10Kg (22lbs). It provides precision controlled motorised camera movements with the V40 Video Boom. The PT903 Joystick Control Unit operates the two motorised units for full camera control with 350 degree pan and/or tilt. A switchable direction control allows you to set rotation direction on both movements or switch either off. The maximum speed is determined by two independent controls. The PT-900s includes an integrated Lanc connection.

Included is a 100 - 240v DC XLR-4 power supply. An optional V-battery mount is also available to accommodate many industry-standard batteries.
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