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This Heavy Duty Pedestal VPS-4 is designed to be mounted on to Cambo's VPD-4 Platform, to support large and heavy cranes on this dolly.
The center column is height-adjustable and reaches from 1.28 cm upto 1.82 cm above ground and is operated through a geared mechanism.

The combination of VPD-4 with VPS-4 can host a load upto 200 kgs in total.

The VPD-4 Dolly can be optionally extended with a VPD-75 Fixation/Leveling Set in combination with the VPD-78 Pneumatic Tyres Set.
(picture 2 shows a complete set of VPS-4, VPD-4, VPD-33, VPD-78 and VPD-75)

Bowl 100 mm,  max. load 200 kg.  VPS-4 includes 3 Spiderlegs.

Max. height 1820 mm when mounted on VPD-4 with VPD-78
Min.  height 1280 mm when mounted on VPD-4 with VPD-78

Unit weight:  16 Kgs (VPS-4 incl. Spider)

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